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Nov. 11, 2020, 9:44 p.m. -  danimaniac

If you have to fin the caliper the brake system is designed to fail: Heat is being produced between the pads and the rotor. The resin (semimetallic, too) itself is rather bad at transferring heat, while braking, the pads'n backplates only touch the pistons and that little clip, which is so small, it could heat up, but would not transfer heat through the screw or splint holding the pads in. Leaves us with the pistons on that side. There's some contact area, most of it is fluid what you don't want to heat up, rest is seals that you don't want to heat up. Actual touching of the caliper body itself is in fourth degree through the fluid (and through air)  That's why the rotors shall take the heat. And by arriving cooler than the pads are while braking, because it went full circle, it will take more heat.  That's why I think if you need finned calipers the brake is designed to fail.

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