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Nov. 11, 2020, 2:36 a.m. -  danimaniac

Can you get Andrew and Cam to ride these for comparison with the A4 and Cura 4? These actually sound like a real contender. Does the lever have any trickery like Servowave/Swinglink or is the mechanical leverage linear? (Please do a teardown!) > To improve lever feel, TRP started by moving to a smaller 9mm piston, down from the 10mm pistons in the master cylinders of the DHR and Quadiem brakes. Apparently the smaller piston increases the force in the system. In the calliper, the opposite is true; four 16mm hybrid ceramic/stainless pistons remain. This combination results in less pressure to bring the brakes to attention, something that was clear the first time I squeezed the lever. The new Hayes Dominion also features a 9mm master cylinder piston and similar, light access to the power. About this: you say "apparently".. this is just physic's law: Force/area = Pressure. Pressure is the same at master and slave cylinders. But as slave area is much greater than Master area Force increases by the same factor. Hydraulic leverage. So only because of this the DHR-E is about 23% stronger than the previos DHR. But because of this deadstroke is longer, because still the same volume of oil needs to be pushed around. Dominion's Master cylinder is 9.15mm diameter ;-) \*g\* On a sidenote: I think it's unfair to bring the larger rotors into the equation like TRP does. Because every single brake gets stronger and more heat resistant by increasing rotor size. But of course it feels awesome. But can you try if the 2,3mm rotors fit the Dominion A4?

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