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Nov. 10, 2020, 6:38 a.m. -  JT

Mission was started by the OG founders of Chrome. Having used OG Chrome bags when I was a courier (after Timbuk2 got bought out and quit making the Tag Junkie, their largest mess bag), and when we switched it was a 'Whoa Nelly!' moment. Everything was laid out well and the quality was tops. It was comfortable in a way that a Tag Junkie could only dream of, even with a loaded mail bin tor two tucked inside. I would have no prob recommending any of Mission's bags off those years of practically living out of one. I have that Dakine 1L and it's a bit of a mixed bag (no pun intended. Honest. Why are you showing me the door?). You really need to plan what you bring, and minimize as much as possible. I like to carry a multi, chain, tire plugs and CO2 on most rides, in addition to the phone, snack(s), and minimal first aid gear. The space in there gets used up PDQ. Obviously it's not the tool for epics, but that's prob not the intent anyway. Also, that waterbottle holster is handy, but you HAVE to use the nipple lariat or you can expect your bottle to eject on rough ground.

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