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Nov. 9, 2020, 9:27 a.m. -  IslandLife

Jumping in because you mentioned the Invader... I've been using the Kali Invader since June of this year. Best helmet I've owned so far. I came from using a Bell Super 3R. During my time with the Bell, I realized that after I put the chinbar on, after the first climb... I'd usually just forget it was on there and end up leaving it on for subsequent climbs... and it didn't seem to bother me. One of my riding buddies uses a 3R and doesn't bother removing the chin bar. My kids use the 3R and don't bother removing the chin bar on all but the warmest of days. The realization that a full face could be so well vented that you could climb comfortably with a chin bar on... and the fact that I wanted to move to a totally pack-less set-up this year got me looking at the Invader. And, it has been everything I hoped it would be... a very, very well vented, strong one-piece design with a chinbar that passes the motorcycle chinbar test. I used it on every single ride this year... there were only two rides during that crazy hot spell we had at the end of July that I removed the cheek pads for (they pop in and out easily), and it was something like 36 and 34 those days. When you remove the cheek pads, the venting is so good it basically feels the same as a half shell if not better than some notably the Giro Switchblade. With the cheek pads in, it's exceptionally well vented but... there is no getting around that it _is_ warmer than most half shells... during rest stops during climbing I'll pull it right off sometimes... but also because it's difficult to drink from a bottle when you have a chin bar in the way. Other than that, I really like this helmet and would buy another one immediately if this one broke. On that note, Kali provides a lifetime crash replacements! (The first is free!! then 25% off on subsequent replacements). It also has a fidlock buckle. Sizing adjustment seems sub-par at first because it only sells in two sizes (XS-M and L-XL) and doesn't have a ratcheting dial adjustment feature. But each comes with three different sizes of back-of-head/neck, head and cheek pads, which makes it quite customizable depending on the shape of your head/face. I've ridden some 5 hour rides with it and never felt hot spots or uncomfortable. It was also meant to be my enduro racing helmet this year, but racing never happened so we'll see how it performs next year... hopefully.

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