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Nov. 8, 2020, 4:17 a.m. -  Timer

Depends. I find that over the last few years, the ratio of time spent on uphill vs. downhill has become even more lopsided than it used to be. Unless you shuttle all the time, but thats not what biking is about for me. Bikes are getting heavier, tires are beefier, rubber is stickier, which makes uphills take longer. On the other hand, bikes are getting ever faster on the downhill and riders seem to take more inspiration from racing than from freeriding. So we end up spending more time on the "less fun" part and less time on the "more fun" part. But maybe all that thinking is moot anyway if, in a couple of years, there will only be motorbikes and uphill is just a question of watts, newtonmeters and ampere-hours.

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