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Oct. 17, 2020, 3:49 a.m. -  Reuben.Sandwich

Hope Big 'un front hub I bought in 1997. It was red but has faded. It's still in use with a 9" rotor on the front of my Syndicate V10. It started life as a QR on a GT  then a 1st gen Specialized Big Hit. Had a year in the garage then on a Banshee scirocco until it took pride of place on a murdered out (before that was a thing) Vpfree with mono6 Ti brakes in 04 which is when it grew to 20mm.  It went on a green V10.3 which I stupidly sold to get a 951. Stayed on there until I got a Chris King to match the rear hub. It then had the qr end caps machined to fit a 15mm fork and had stints on a tazer ht and a yeti 4x. Sat around again until I got bored and built it with a carbon rim on my V10. Last person to ride that bike was Loris Vergier at a SC promo and he was spinning out about the hub being almost his age! It's probably more fancy than the intent of this article but it's just such a work horse with the only bearing change happening to up size the axle!

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