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Oct. 16, 2020, 4:39 p.m. -  AndrewR

Conti Black Chilli Protection Apex (BCPA) tyres (Baron Projekt or Kaiser Projekt) are stickier than MaxxGrip but roll faster (don't know how) and last WAY longer (again don't know how - some kind of secret German engineering magic). The casing feels somewhere between EXO+ and DD but the 29 x 2.4" tyres weigh 940-960 grams per tyre depending.  I have had one rear tyre puncture in the past three years (a very pointy rock) that needed an ATV plug to close up. That will obviously increase now that I have made that public statement. Unlike Andrew I would not consider riding without a spare tube but I am also a guide so tend to pack for mountain biking and first aid armageddon anyway. I pass on my tyres at about 5-600 km/ 50-60 hrs for the rear and about 700 km/ 70 hrs for the front. Although to be honest I tend to swap them out in sets so give them both away at the 5-600 km mark.  Someone else gets 1-200 km of decent grip (as good as a MaxxGrip DHF/ DHR II) for the price of a coffee and I get a better safety margin for keeping my face out of the dirt, and less chance of being shouted at by the wife "you know you are not 25 any more don't you?" for crashing on said face for another 5-600 km! I like the Der Baron Projekt BCPA on the front with the Der Kaiser Projekt BCPA on the rear until the soil gets wet enough to clog the more paddle shaped lugs on the Der Kaiser and then I run Der Baron Projekt front and rear (so early spring and late summer).  If I want rolling speed over climbing traction and braking on steep loose rock (so priority is energy saving over multiple days of lots of pedalling - either a Trans race or when guiding in the Chilcotin) I will run Der Baron Projekt front and rear and accept that the rear tyre wears faster than a Kaiser would.

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