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Oct. 16, 2020, 12:43 p.m. -  Andy Eunson

I have old things that just need to go really. A small bin of front derailleurs. Some are direct mount two speed XTR that I really will never need again. A bunch of nice rigid seat posts including a carbon PRO. Don’t want to lose those yet. Rear derailleurs missing parts and and hunks that aren’t removable except by a rock. Retired handlebars. A box of grips that suck. Seats that are painful. Retired stems almost as long as my spare seat posts. A few pairs of barely used cantis from when I was racing cross and was looking for brakes that kind of worked. Mini v’s and Avid sd something v brakes.  I really should have a yard sale and sell bits for a dollar or two. I’d probably make enough for a small pizza and glass of water. Beer is pricy in Whistler.  I gave away six or seven freewheel removers last year to a fellow on a vintage bike site. I hadn’t used them since I was a mechanic at Bike Cellar in the 80s. He was ecstatic.  There really aren’t many parts that I move from bike to bike. I run stuff until it fails or I retire them due to age. I have a hard time disposing of parts that are good but obsolete. Or that one bb cup that’s still good.

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