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Oct. 16, 2020, 11:27 a.m. -  MountainBikeBarbados .

Oh man, Andrew, as someone who's been around bikes as you have, I'm a bit surprised if that's the extent of your "collection" :-( Some cool stuff and stories from a lot of you guys. I've only been MTBing for 16 years (this year) and I still have my first set of XT M760 HT2 cranks I bought in 2005. They now reside on my '08 Monkey, now my commuter since getting an '18 Unit. Nothing wrong with them except one arm is slightly bent from when I didn't manage to properly hop a square 10" rock in the middle of a very narrow trail doing and bent the big ring completely onto the middle ring - a quick-ish stop at the side of the trail, two 5mm allen nuts undone and the cranks were off (used the needle nose pliers on my leathermaan to remove the pre-load piece), removed the chainring bolts and bent the spider arm back good enough to use the middle ring and finished that great 20ish mile ride on the Monarch Crest. I only run XT cranks on my bikes now, no better bang for the buck, longevity and super easy to service/work on IMHO. BBs are cheap and easy to change, bearings last longer if you just buy the proper bearings and replace the Shimano's once they're toast. Just this year my friend gave me his broken 20 year old bike with full M750 XTR groupset with 180mm cranks, which I stripped all off to see what was still good. BB was very, very rough and despite being one that's "not serviceable", I went into it and managed to clean out the bearings and get some fresh grease in there, then I  got out the hacksaw and cut off the 44t big ring to give myself a nice 180mm 24/34 double crankset and it now resides on my 2012 PP Banshee Prime FS, which still is as awesome as the  day I got it. On the Prime also still resides my very first, true wide bar, a 780mm FUNN FatBoy which was bought for the initial  build of the Prime and it's still going strong. Also still have my first proper FS MTB, a 2005 XL GIANT Trance, the first year Maestro came out, it was amazing and really got me hooked on MTBing, put well over 5k miles on it in the 3 years I rode it  until I got my first 29er in '07 and never touched a 26" again. Will never get rid of it, someday I'll get it up on the wall properly to look  at and remember what it did for me. Occasionally I build it back up if there's parts about, normally with a 650B fork/wheel, as 26" just seems so tiny to me now, but doesn't last long and soon gets stripped and put aside as the  little wheels just don't feel right to me anymore. Also still have the HOPE Mono Mini's I bought in '05 for the Trance, but they reside on a small loaner bike as I never found that they had great stopping power, but damn do they look nice.

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