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Oct. 16, 2020, 11:09 a.m. -  Ddean

Its a different day when the rogue actions actually set out to re-gnar a trail. As you all know, Bookwus is fairly unique on Fromme - barely armored - janky rocks and roots - that plank is terrifying - but my impression is that what is most unique is that Bookwus is a gnarly dirt/loam trail that is on the map and authorized! The rogue actions described all seem to be pointed at reducing the traffic on the trail. Sign removal. Modifying the bits that de-janked it somewhat or improved the experience for most. Making Bookwus a more enjoyable trail seems to be exactly the opposite of whomever is doing this wants. Keep it less visible and make it unpleasant for those who choose to ride it - thats the goal it seems. Or perhaps the goal is to keep it from evolving into something that looks like 7th? If Bookwus becomes more fun for more people, it will eventually become armored just like the rest. And then we have lost Bookwus. Zero excuse for removing the trail work of authorized trail workers on an authorized trail - that is BS. But this is probably a symptom as you dont have to look too far on the Shore to realize that people are struggling with how many of the authorized trails have evolved. Armored trails are still gnarly (and fun) but they're a different experience than Bookwus in my opinion. Never an excuse for the entitled actions of this/these person/people however; its not their trail! I would throw my vote into the hat to protect the janky not armored experience of Bookwus, and that might infact mean keeping it very low traffic. It also means not riding it when wet, which Im guessing whomever is doing this feels that they're entitled to do also. There are two ways to avoid armor - keep traffic low and keep traffic off it entirely in the wet. Perhaps Bookwus should be officially closed in the rainy season? That is probably the best way to keep the armor off it, if that is infact the concern. Id support that to protect the experience that is Bookwus.

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