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Oct. 16, 2020, 6:35 a.m. -  Poz

I have an XT 8 speed rear derailleur from about 95 off my KHS Comp, all rigid all canti, still kicking around. Gorgeous little item made mostly of shiny aluminium.  While it’s spent much of the last two decades in the toolbox or hanging on the wall It’s been on at least 7 or so bikes and currently resides on my Cotic Escapade doing gravel duty and shifting a 10 speed cog. After the KHS and a RM oxygen race it’s mostly sat as a spare when today’s less strong derailleurs inevitably break. Wheels have been changed a few times but up until recently the spring was still strong. It’s getting a little loose and tired now. It’s earned a retirement on the workshop wall now and will be replaced by a decidedly less shiny GRX on the Cotic.  That said I may run into a jam again and need it for a short stint!

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