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Oct. 15, 2020, 5:26 p.m. -  Andy Eunson

Sometimes I think the solution is to embrace the ride around and build it well. There are lots of trails that are labeled black for one single feature while the rest of the trail is blue. As a former insurance adjuster of sports claims, I think some features should have a well marked easier route. It’s a perfect defence to a claim where some person got hurt on the hard part. If the builder truly wants to stop the braiding you have to make it really hard to do. Boulders and large logs. Other trails are so obviously black from the get go that they shouldn’t get ride arounds. There’s a new trail near my house that’s not on any maps that has no ride arounds. It’s insane. Very large rock features maybe 50 60 metres high. The ride arounds would be double black. That trail though is an example of something so obviously pro line that no one with limited skill would ride very far before turning back. Except me because I didn’t know how insane it was.

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