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Oct. 15, 2020, 1:43 p.m. -  mudrunner

I get it now....I've been riding Bookwus since I had Judy forks, and I try to get on it a handful of times each year. I rarely see anyone with interest in riding it, but in the last week, I had two groups asking me about it (one group was a couple of young teens...awesome!)....looks like the signage and/or this article has people seeking it out. _"...These riders sometimes fail to realize that these lines were once much different and their affection for trail decay shouldn’t override either the original or current builder’s desire to maintain it to a certain level. ..."_ . And let's not forget that the original lines were ridden on very different bikes...geometry, technology, and material. To that point, Kirkford is an excellent example of how a trail can change over time...It was only the original Kirkford for about 2 years before it eroded away into  water funnels and gulleys, and the subsequent the work was put in to make it the S-curves it has now.  In the climbing world, the route is established (and named) by the first ascentionist. Any changes to the route are deferred to that person.

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