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Oct. 15, 2020, 8:29 a.m. -  DMVancouver

The recent work on Bookwus has improved the riding experience while maintaining the previous character of the trail. It was well done. That said, with other examples of under-utilized expert trails being revamped to something completely different from the original nature of the trail and the difficulty of sanctioning a completely new trail in North Van, I can see how something like an official trailhead sign and a top-to-bottom tune-up on Bookwus could have people nervous. I don't see Bookwus being rerouted as a flow trail any time soon, but it would be a real shame if that happened. On the flip side, I appreciate how a derelict, neglected trail can be revamped into something that can be enjoyed by many. I am not one of the 'dumbing down the Shore' types. But trails like Bookwus, Grannies, etc. need to exist. Also, whether you agree or disagree with a direction, nothing justifies sabotaging official trail work.

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