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Oct. 15, 2020, 7:28 a.m. -  Sean Chee

You're right. I must have been looking at the axle relative to another datum point (like another pivot) when I came up with 50mm. At work the loosest tolerances we deal with are .05mm or sub arc seconds, so appreciate what a difference a few mm can make, especially when it comes to linkages. ![]( I don't deny their performance is amazing in the rough. How much of that is down to the rear moving axle path is what I am not entirely convinced of.  The only modern high pivot I've ridden (I've ridden heaps from the past) is a supreme. It's beautiful and has me sold on them. The horst variant on the gt fury always looked like a great solution to fine tune the performance (particularly under braking). In a package that allows pedaling uphill, barring any serious idiosyncrasies, it is about my perfect bike.

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