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Oct. 15, 2020, 7:15 a.m. -  JT

Nodding approvingly over the morning cup. There's a local system that's had several rocks removed from the trail by unknown folks. On one hand, yes, it'll make the trail faster. On the other, controlling a rider's speed is half the intent as it's a multi use trail. On another hand, it was possible to keep a bit of speed if you bump jumped the rocks, so it shows it's likely due to the rider's skillset and trail vision being at fault. The part that really doesn't compute is why anyone would mess with signage in addition to dumbing down the trail. Those seem a bit at ends with each other. And thanks for the refresh on the Pipeline advert. That trail looks like a helluva good time, and one of the reasons I venture out three hours from home when I get the chance: to get to the good and tough dirt as opposed to the flowy stuff much closer. I've yet to see a vid of Wade that didn't have me smiling.

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