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Oct. 15, 2020, 6:03 a.m. -  Sean Chee

There is a lot of hype. I've been playing around with suspension layouts in fusion360 over the last few months and really, the whole axle moving backwards over bumps thing is overdone.  Most of the wheelbase changes are small when you look at the vertical and horizontal axle movement relative to each other. Many of the high pivots do most of their rearward movement in sag and close to it. During the first half of the remaining travel, the axle paths tend to be a lot more vertical. The real exception to this is the antidote dark matter. They have created something truly different there with about 50mm of rearward movement (iirc) that is spread throughout the whole travel length. It's wild and I would definitely buy one if they had more reach (a requirement, not preference. 455mm is too short for me at 6'5"). At the end of the day, axle path is constrained by derailleur length and cassette range. You probably wouldn't be able to go past 40t on a supreme and on the dark matter probably 30t.  This is where geaboxes have the potential to really shine. If antidote made a dm with a pinion, I would happily lop a couple of inches of each of my limbs to ride one.

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