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Oct. 14, 2020, 5:14 p.m. -  Dave Tolnai

It's not a long term review.  It's just a preview of a bike that we will conduct a long term review on. I had similar thoughts about the 4 bar durability.  I expressed surprise when they mentioned this and they spoke to some things they learned with the Aurum HSP.  They felt they could get better durability out of this design and I didn't challenge them on it. I hear you on chainring size.  This is what I was getting at when I spoke about the ability to optimize around the idler rather than a chainring but I wasn't explicit.  It's a good point to make all on its own. On braking. Man. If you think people misunderstand anti-squat, that's got nothing on anti-rise.  My feeling is that it's not quite as simple as high pivot bad, single pivot bad, horst link good. Looking back through the media kit, I don't see any mention of braking. I'm going to guess that's because there's not much to it.  But I can ask!

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