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Oct. 13, 2020, 2:50 p.m. -  Andrew Major

More tire pressure is always _an_ answer. I’ve gotten the majority of my flats, on the Shore, in the last decade on my hardtail. Usually rear wheel. Sometimes damaged tire, sometimes damaged rim. I played around with more pressure but I’m getting old and I’m not smooth and inserts and/or DH casings are a perfect compromise without making the ride really harsh. On my FS bike I _was_ still good for 1-2 flats a year - usually rear wheel - usually sidewall or casing tear. Both Bear Mountain and Red Mountain in Mission owe me fairly new tires. Credit Line in Squamish was good for a couple. The last time I wrecked a tire on the Shore proper was either Cypress or Ned’s.  I also had two flats (pressure loss events) last year on Dales which ended up being due to a bad tire bead. Both times I just rode down thanks to the CC insert. I could totally get away with a lighter setup if I was willing to entertain installing the odd tube on the trail side and I have lots of friends who almost never have issues with much lighter setups and if that works for you great. Personally I think the trade off in never dealing with mechanicals and being able to run lower pressures is great.

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