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Oct. 13, 2020, 2:31 p.m. -  DMVancouver

@Andrew Major - I am curious to know how these ride-ending flats are happening on the Shore. It’s just not that jagged here. I can count my flats in the last 3 years on 1 hand, and that includes some time spent enduro racing. I think maybe 1 one those flats was a puncture and the other couple were bad rim dents, and I generally run EXO-ish tires. I tried inserts but the key for me is adequate tire pressure. Maybe I’m just lucky. And I am also willing to deal with the increased risk of flatting to not have to pedal around 1400 g tires. Sure, if you run heavy tires, you are even less likely to flat, but I think many riders would be surprised what they can get away with using lighter casings, and how lighter tires bring their bike to life in terms of versatility.

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