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Oct. 12, 2020, 11:56 p.m. -  Axel Ericson

I think the weight discussions for tires are pretty interesting. While additional weight is a big thing on tight trails where you often accelerate from standstill, the rolling resistance generated by the casing and rubber being deformed while rolling is a far bigger problem with heavy tires imho. All grams on the wheels are not equal, which is why I really love the CushCores.  I can't talk for the north shore, but where I ride I think alot of riders are "over-tired" (no pun intended). Of course it's not as much an issue if your riding is generally downhill with the climbing just being a mean of transportation, however even then most weekend warriors have a limited fitness and could benefit from using less energy while climbing.  Just my 5 Swedish coronas.

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