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Oct. 12, 2020, 11:15 p.m. -  Andrew Major

"...but what about that glowing review on this very site of the new Tannus insert?" What about it? You can read Cam's review of the Tannus system [**here**]( He's ridden most, if not all, the major insert systems on the market and I'm certain he'd be happy to answer any questions you post there and confirm what feedback he's heard from other testers about the Tannus system. I wrote this Review | Editorial and I'm frankly uninterested in inserts that don't allow me to run-flat if I have a catastrophic tire failure on the trail. I really can't be arsed about a few grams - and I save something by not carrying a tube - so I'll either run a rim-size-specific CushCore Pro or Plus insert with a decently durable sidewall (Bontrager SE, EXO+, DD, SuperGrav, WTB Tough Casing, etc) or I'll run a full-on DH casing like the G5 that's exceedingly unlikely to fail. As pulled from the piece above: _"In all cases, these were test rims so I haven't yet tried the tires with any kind of insert. I really like the on-trail characteristics of the G5 without and all of the lighter insert options don't have the run-flat qualities of CushCore, which is the one benefit these G5 setups are missing compared to when I run inserts."_

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