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Jan. 27, 2017, 10:26 a.m. -  Wacek Keepshack

#!markdown Freaking cool bike! I love this thing about not mentioning Enduro. A smart move… yet… it exposes how ridiculous we are and unaware of our own motives. Why? Because people haaaate trends and fashions soooo much. And that makes the devil smile. Because the triendiest and most fashionable thing in Mountain Biking these days is… laughing at Enduro and whining everytime some company mentions it. No.. Enduro wasn't created by the industry, it was a big unlabeled bag of grey matter of people who rode bicycles in off road terrain, who sucked at racing. No it had nothing to do with sucking at XC or DH. It had to do with sucking at racing, sucking at riding. But since Enduro became a big sport they got exposed. They sucked at Enduro racing. Because what else than racing points whether you can or cannot ride a bike? In 2003 they would have called themselves Freeriders. Freeride competitons went off, so by 2010 they were calling themselves Enduro riders. Now they ride Trail bikes… marketing only exploits the weakness and vanity. You won't grow such a huge tree with golden apples like Enduro out of nothing… Funny, humans are funny.

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