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Oct. 7, 2020, 1:27 p.m. -  Pnwpedal

I'm getting really tired of seeing so many discussions trying to push "e-bikes" as solutions to this problem or that problem. None of them bother to address the actual issue: motorized is motorized. An "e-bike" is an electrically motorized bicycle. It has a motor, therefore it is motorized. Yes, they are fun. Yes, they can allow you to do A or B or C better than a human powered bicycle. This doesn't change the fact that allowing motorized vehicles onto non-motorized trails is a net negative for all mountain bike riders. This isn't comparable to skis vs snowboards, so that argument needs to die as well. And of course, no media source is going to publish any negative opinion because of that sweet sweet advertising money. It's getting ridiculous.

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