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Oct. 4, 2020, 6:12 p.m. -  KavuRider

I guess I fit into that category?  Young-ish and relatively fit.   I dig difficult climbs on my regular bike, I ride a Yeti SB5c most days and love logging big miles on it.  But I also love my eBike.  Not sure what my point is.  I just like bikes.  And I feel that eBikes fit into that world.   Like I said before, I can see why people are concerned that they could open a lot of previous unaccessible trails to more riders.  I'm not really sure what can be done about it.  It is kind of like the side by sides (Razrs) that are now dominating OHV trails.  As long as people are willing to spend the money, they will be out there.  I guess the industry should have tried to be a bit more proactive about this whole thing, but they weren't.  Not sure how to put the cork back in the bottle now.   Just like on my regular bike, I just try to be a good ambassador and try to have positive trail interactions.  And I don't ride my eBike where I know it is not allowed (Sedona for example).

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