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Oct. 3, 2020, 11:19 p.m. -  Sebov

True. But in my local experience (Bavarian Alps) people are not riding more laps, they are going further or ride more trails. In the Alps we do not have a bike trail network, there is often a long detour on gravel roads to the (hiking) trail head for an often tricky (not made for bikes) and short (often direttissima route) descent. So biking in spring/autumn is actually just possible in summer or on weekends - when you meet a lot of hikers who don‘t like bikers. So going right now afterwork for just one „lap“ on an E-Bike is a great option. And most of the E-Bike crowd are just riding the gravel roads - it‘s a new group in the Alps. They are not die hard mountainbikers who are hitting the trails. They are on kind of sightseeing tours to the huts for drinking and heating. Nevertheless the environmental protection groups are starting to fight against E-Bikers: „too many people on the mountains“.  As a Doc I would say that we should also be happy that a lot of people are doing some sports instead of just cruising along the streets in the Alps. It‘s nice here so the crowd is coming anyway...

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