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Oct. 3, 2020, 9:07 p.m. -  WestCoastCanuck

Wow! Nothing like an emtb article to get the comments section going! 😆 In my very humble opinion, nothing is going to stop the emtb movement. (Regardless of how much we judge others.) I certainly can appreciate some of the fear and concern that are being expressed and shared on here. However, from what I’ve seen, the people that are riding emtbs are people that otherwise would probably not be riding, were it not with an assist. People that have medical or physical afflictions that prevent them from getting out and enjoying something that I know so many people here love and cherish and enjoy. It’s funny because that is the same reason that people get all hot and bothered about emtbs. They feel that it threatens this beautiful sport. Obviously, I cannot predict in what way that emtbs will impact our sport but I believe that it will be positive way more than negative. The fact that more people are out riding is nothing but a giant plus in my book. This will translate to more resources put towards mountain biking. Whether that’s better/more trail access or better bicycle technology or just more breweries to support my love of a post ride beer. I used to get pretty torqued about the massive growth in popularity of our sport when there would be tons of newb’s in my way. But, I just took a step back and remembered how far we’ve come as a sport. It also reminded me of all the times that the media would question whether DH would be the death mtb’ing when it started becoming popular. (Looking squarely at you RC.) Now we have lift accessed DH for the masses. And now we have the technology that allows for people who might not be able to ride, the chance to ride. How freaking awesome is that?!?  I say we stop caring about what everyone else rides and just be happy that they are riding.  Sorry, kind of word vomited there... 😉

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