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Oct. 3, 2020, 10:53 a.m. -  Sebov

Not an E-Bike fan. Tested an Orbea Wild FS (25kg) - great plowing when going straight, didn‘t like the weight on technical trails. My wife didn’t like the handling in the garage either. Ended up buying a Levo SL as family bike, now my wife just has to pedal harder when towing the kids trailer. Good for my when trying to follow on my normal bike! Great performance when passing the transition to no assist (just 25 km/h in the EU). Now I really like the opportunity to ride the E-Bike on afterwork laps (more laps) or longer rides e.g. when searching for/trying out new trails. So same here: sometimes those motor stuff isn‘t that bad but I wouldn‘t sell my Megatower =)

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