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Oct. 2, 2020, 1:35 p.m. -  Ddean

Exactly. Those who built and are maintaining those trails (they do not maintain themselves) put them behind a big climb for exactly that reason - access was a squirrel catcher limiting traffic and thereby limiting the effort required to maintain the trail to something manageable. **I would hope that those on ebikes would respect the builders and other keepers of the trails wishes if no ebiking signs show up on them.** Some might say that the builders cant legally keep ebikes off any trails, and they'd be right, but they didnt build the trail and probably havent helped maintain it. If they did, they would almost certainly respect the builders wishes. Theres a place for ebikes for sure,  but its not in sensitive areas where those who are caring for the trails chose the location specifically to limit traffic. Its also not where Rocky has done a few of their promotions. In follow up, Im not talking about authorized trails such as 7th that might be viewed by some as having a difficult climb infront of it. 7th is exactly where ebikes should be in my view.

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