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Oct. 2, 2020, 11:26 a.m. -  Ddean

Nice unbiased review from someone who clearly is discussing from a traditional MTBr perspective. BUT, and its a big but, I dont know why when folks are discussing ebikes that the first thing they do is go directly to the zones that are most at risk from ebikes. I wont highlight but you did a bit of that in this. Rocky however is the WORST for this. I love that brand and have had a few of their bikes (have one now!) but am very conflicted because almost every promotional video for ebikes Ive seen from them is from a zone that is protected by a nasty and unpleasant climb that keeps traffic out (by design). They are giving the builders in those zones (and those who maintain those zones) a giant middle finger, saying "we are going to sell bikes to people who otherwise would not put the effort to access your trails and we are going to give them a way around your protections and we will profit and we dont give a rats ass about why you built these trails where you did". Rocky, please stop.  Should ebikes bridge that gap, these zones will be doomed.  If the ebikes could stay in unthreatening places, that would be ideal for all.

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