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Sept. 23, 2020, 9:26 a.m. -  AJ Barlas

Exactly, Tehllama42. Yes akshunW, the front triangle is solid and noticeably stiffer than the G16, but the rear and orientation of the shock are where the load comes from. It's not "major" but is there and it's partly why the spherical eyelet bearings work so well for this bike. It makes a big difference in rough off-cambers or choppy corners and compressions where the bike is being jostled about.  Cr4w, the spherical eyelet bearings remedy the issue of the suspension catching from a side load. There isn't a problem with it in place.  It's worth adding that this isn't so much a design flaw. Some movement like this is good, allowing the bike to track more comfortably than if it were stiff as a board. Nicolai/GeoMetron and EXT just worked on a way to improve the suspension with this and that was the inclusion of spherical bearings at the eyelets. Going back and forth between the two, the bearings clean up the suspension in the situations noted above but the TTX AIr does a great job of handling it with the increased overlap on the internals. If it had spherical bearings things could get quite interesting.

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