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Sept. 19, 2020, 10:32 a.m. -  Michael

There are drawbacks to big stack or even higher bars. It’s not as much of an issue on descending but it can make climbing those particularly steep punch climbs more challenging. Andrew‘s bike is quite anomalous in the industry to a degree that his riding experience is going to be very unique. I’m not suggesting his opinion is invalid just the unique geometry of his frame needs to be considered as part of the discussion. I recently stretched the chain stays out on my hardtail to their longest setting 435mm vs the shortest 415 it made a massive difference in the way the bike climbed. I could stay seated and run a more upright cockpit with taller grip position and still climb steep terrain similarly. Imagine what 450mm or longer stays would be like I could probably sit bolt upright and still maintain the same front  wheel traction...

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