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Sept. 19, 2020, 8:52 a.m. -  Kenny

Not quite accurate though to be fair, I'm mean it's effective total reach with respect to where your hands land relative to the bottom bracket, which is great and necessary in many cases, but not with respect to where your hands land with respect to the front axle.  I'm not disagreeing with the approach but you are gaining that space between bars and bottom bracket at potentially the expense of putting your hands further out over the front axle.  In my opinion many  manufacturers keep increasing reach but not increasing stack height along with it. The fact that we're rocking headtube angles in the low 60s exacerbates the issue since adding stem spacers has a greater effect on the reach as well. I guess what I'm saying is I get it, but I think it's worth making the point that in a perfect world more bikes would have more stack because the reach increases are kinda "fake" when stack remains low. The latest long travel 29er forks are in a way accidentally helping matters but it's still not quite enough. A bike like the Madonna v2 with a 130mm headtube in size large and a 170-180mm is more in the rightballpark. I think it's even more important on hardtails and as such I find odd that chromag for example still seem pretty enamored with low stack heights in many cases.

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