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Sept. 18, 2020, 10:57 p.m. -  Sean Chee

I forgot about my comment here.  Agree a 7 speed 11-46 all steel cassette would be my dream. It would be able to use the cheap as chips sram dh stuff for shifting.  My LBS said shimano will be making 10 speed deore for a long time to come so that ensures my cassette supply into the future.  If I end up with the downduro bike I want (polygon xquareone dh8) i will be fine. It comes with 10 or 11 speed gx.  If I end up with the dh9 (actually available in xl atm), annoyingly I will have to buy new drivetrain bits and rear wheel. This is because it comes with e13 wheels that use the silly integrated cassette.  A very strange choice for a bike touted as "a dh bike with adventure dna" and actually pedals uphill like a hardtail.  Zee/saint shifters, xt mech, sunrace/deore cassette and whatever 157mm 27.5 dh wheel my LBS can scrounge up from their suppliers looks to be the ticket.

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