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Sept. 18, 2020, 5:23 p.m. -  Alex D

Andrew, that's just it-- it's not the same position. If you actually sketch out where your grips are, you'll find that a configuration that feels different puts them somewhere else. It's not something you can eyeball or guesstimate; as an experienced rider, you'd probably notice a half-centimeter deviation in any direction, and for a bar that tall, just one degree in tilt will move the grips over a centimeter. > where the stem is clamped in the same spot on the steerer When you're picturing your bar setup with a stem mounted, imagine drawing extra support lines from your bar clamp to random points on the head tube. None of those lines would change your steering geometry. All of them represent a potential stem (or would, if we pretend you could mount a stem to the hidden parts of your steerer). It does not matter whether your new stem clamps lower or higher if your grip position doesn't change.

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