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Sept. 16, 2020, 10:18 p.m. -  Andrew Major

It's actually strange. The V2 is the first bike in my history of riding bikes that I've been completely happy with. There are some small things I'd change if I broke it, for sure, but wholesale? No. I've been riding rigid again a lot but I love being able to swap to a 100-120mm fork when I need to or want to. The sagged 64° HTA w/ suspension | static 64° HTA w/ rigid is perfect. I like the pedaling position (or more accurately the range of pedal position adjustment) and the wheelbase and rear center are perfect for either application. If I _had_ to replace the bike tomorrow I'd add 1cm to the rear center, remove that 1.5cm from the Reach, slack it out another .5° and switch back to a 50mm offset. But I certainly wouldn't invest any amount of money in making those changes unless I had to replace V2. \*\*\* If I had a pile of cash I had to spend on a bike I'd be getting a custom full-suspension bike made. It's just cloud drawing exercises for me so I change my mind all the time on what that would look like. As of tonight, I'd get the rear end and linkage of a 27" Specialized Stumpy ST Alloy in [**Dusty Lilac**]( (130mm rear) with a custom steel 29" front triangle with a 62° HTA, 470-ish Reach (Reach designed around 50mm stem and 75°-ish STA), 50mm offset. Anyways I have a clear picture of it in my mind and I think it's pretty cool.

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