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Sept. 16, 2020, 6:45 p.m. -  Bearlover

Thanks for the article Andrew. At 193cm, I’ve struggled with getting my stack height right for years. Currently, I’m running 35mm of spacers, with a 6 degree rise-50mm length stem, and 40mm Renthal handlebars. That gets me right at seat height with a 130mm head tube on an XL bike. I could get away with running a 76mm bar, given my spacer stack, but, like others, feel like it would look a bit cartoon. Still, I would love to get some reach back, and I’m eyeing the new Spank 60mm vibracore bars to knock out some spacers and extend my cockpit just a smidge.  One thing I didn’t see addressed in the article or comments has always concerned me and that’s most, if not all, fork manufacturers tell consumers not to have more than 30mm of spacers. Have you ever seen someone sheer off a fork steerer below the stem? Are all of us riding at the Minaar and Lindup end of the height spectrum just asking to be impaled on the front of our bikes?

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