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Sept. 14, 2020, 10:23 p.m. -  Andrew Major

In my experiences: Pulling the DW out will require removing two Philips screws and a bit of wiggling. The hardest part of the whole service will be tipping it over on the side to access the bottom... not because it's particularly heavy but because the little threaded feet it sits on are made of cheese.  Once it's over a socket set or Philips screwdriver is all you need to swap modules. If your DW is getting electricity and water but makes a noise instead of draining it's most likely the pump assembly that needs to be replaced. Unless you have some fancy Euro brand it will be $45-70.  To order the part your local appliance store will need some combination of the serial number and/or model number that you'll find on the side of the tub when you open your door.  Paying someone to do the job (come to your place, swap the part, test the appliance) will cost as much as a new one (and rightfully so, time + experience = $$$) but anyone who can swap a rear derailleur has this job covered no problem.

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