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Sept. 12, 2020, 9:47 p.m. -  Andrew Major

The last time I saw Olly was at SuspensionWerx on Hunter street, maybe five years ago. Every time he came by with that wicked 4x4 van of his there was some detail we'd dive into. It's funny, I'm not a car person at all but the fabrication work was so killer and he's such a good storyteller that it was easy to get lost in his passion for it.  Looking back at some of the larger-than-life characters I've met through mountain biking, who I didn't properly appreciate at the time, and now being older & wiser, I'm trying to fully enjoy those people and those moments as they happen. Last year in June I did a 6am ride with friend Darryl who I've known for years. He pedaled all the way up Lonsdale and No Quarter on an Orange Patriot wearing a **_leather jacket_** the whole way (I was dying in a t-shirt) and then - I sh*t you not - he cleaned all of Bookwus with a full mug of coffee in a holder on his handlebar without spilling a drop. And you think, wow, they don't make them like they used to - but that's actually bullshit. Some of it is who can afford to live on the North Shore (or Squamish, or Tri-Cities, or etc) and some of it is simply that, to a massive number of folks, Strava times, looking cool, and matching kits matter more than just having fun on a bike.  Which would bring me back full circle to friction thumb shifters, rigid single speeds, and etc, but instead I'm going to post this photo of Darryl being Darryl for general inspiration. Be Original.  ![](

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