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Sept. 11, 2020, 4:30 p.m. -  Cr4w

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO PINEAPPLE BOB? And that taco restaurant that Zap used to eat at. "The legend of Pineapple Bob, made famous in Bridgestone ads of the early `90s, came about organically. According to Petersen, Hiroshi’s daughter, Natsumi, named Robert Kurosawa ‘Pineapple Bob’ because there were two or three other Bobs that hung around the bike shop. “Robert grew up in Hawaii and his hair shoots out like a pineapple so she called him Pineapple Bob just to differentiate him from the other Bobs,” Petersen said in an interview with Chris Kostman more than 20 years ago. “By the way, I don’t call him Pineapple Bob. Mostly his friends call him Robert.” Kurosawa, an avid cyclocross racer, has worked in Rivendell’s shipping department since 2000." [\#](\#):~:text=The%20legend%20of%20Pineapple%20Bob,hung%20around%20the%20bike%20shop.

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