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Sept. 11, 2020, 5:09 a.m. -  Sean Chee

I really like the thought of the box 9 speed stuff. I like to think of it as a dh cassette with a couple of granny gears. Absolutely perfect for my needs. The only thing holding  me back is availability. If I break a mech or shifter, I can't exactly choose from a big box of spares at my lbs. Actually what might be really cool is if someone made a wide range cassette that you could run with sram 7 speed dh shifters.  Similarly I know there are a lot of 10 speed cassettes out there. Are there any nice  wide ones that you can run with shimano mechs and zee/saint shifters? Edit: I  found the microshift advent x. Is there any reason why that wouldn't work with a saint/zee 10 speed shifter and a  regular shimano 11 or 12 speed mech?

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