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Sept. 10, 2020, 7:21 a.m. -  Pete Roggeman

That's a fair point. My blanket statements surrounding Scotland had more to do with the fact that the national government is behind some of these initiatives (7stanes, The Mill), Worlds coming in 2023, etc. I'll see if I can make a few tweaks.  And I'd love to visit/ride other parts of the country. Can you tell me which ones you think are best? No time like the present to start researching some other options... Yes, Santa Cruz made this trip happen, and the media is always going to start with a focus on areas when there's an impetus of some sort. I don't think there's some sort of conspiracy keeping attention away from other areas, but they require champions to wrangle some budget, contact some media, and make a pitch to get a story pursued and written. It's a vicious circle, but I think that points, again, to the fact that a lot of hard-working and dedicated people are currently focused on Tweed Valley. I've no doubt there are other deserving areas, but like all things, getting attention sometimes requires making it impossible to ignore.

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