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Sept. 10, 2020, 12:53 a.m. -  Timer

Some bike magazine did a test by strapping vibration sensors to handlebars. Sadly i can't find the link anymore. They had a Spike Vibrocore, a standard alu bar (maybe Raceface, not sure) and a Carbon bar (Syntace, i believe). All in 31.8mm. In the end, the standard alu bar transmitted the least vibration to the grips, while Vibrocore did absolutely nothing. However, the differences between all three bars were quite minor, compared to the entire system of tyres, suspension and grips. There is one caveat to the Vibrocore story. Vibrocore itself appearently does nothing. But the Oozy Vibrocore bar is very light for it's width and material, made of thin tubing and therefore quite flexible. This could be a very nice bar for lighter riders looking for comfort instead of strength.

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