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Sept. 10, 2020, 12:36 a.m. -  Shackleton

Nice report and write up, and I realise that this was a likely paid for jolly, but...... I get tired of seeing Scotland = Tweed Valley. Saying that you visited Scotland but only rode the tweed valley is like saying you visited Canada but only rode within 10 miles of BC.  The Tweed Valley is nearer to a larger proportion of England's population than Scotland's and the relentless, and almost exclusive, focus on the area by the media sucks investment (ideas and money) out of the rest of the country.  We could really do with some love and focus on areas to the north that are more economically deprived and just as good or better, rather than continuing with the Edinburgh area (30 minutes from tweed valley and Scotland's capital), all money must go to the capital, circle jerk fest.

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