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Sept. 9, 2020, 7:59 p.m. -  Tehllama42

I'd argue that's the part they got right - to me I wanted it to be a slightly slacker bike with a bit more travel - once LR'd +150mm fork and Cascade Link modified, the reach comes down to 495mm, which is actually spot on for me (and those other two mods make that bike absolutely baller)... just hard to justify spending that much knowing I have to make more mods to it, and my oversized untalented self (well, I do have a talent for straight-lining rock gardens) would probably need the updated rear triangle as well.   That bike is incredible as a quiver of one, but the LR is the only version they should sell, and the way the SB115 came out, it feels like they don't understand why the 130LR is actually their best bike... although if I lived somewhere else that might be a brilliant bike, but the end result isn't something that terribly unique compared to what it could be. I know I sound both hard and soft on that Yeti....  I basically took what I had saved up for a new Yeti to get a 5.5c, but it was cramped and would have needed to throw another $1k at the XT/SLX model to make it work, so I waited for what became the 130.  Since I had a good bike already, just came down to the spec and price, and decided I'd put 75% of it in a 2-yr CD and blew the rest on accessories for my RM Instinct. I feel like I wound up with a better bike for how I use it, and I can probably buy a used top end SB130LR with just leftover cash down the road.

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