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Sept. 9, 2020, 11 a.m. -  Tehllama42

That has me wondering if something like the Oozy VIbrocore type bar would be a particularly good choice - again, as somebody who intentionally runs 810mm bars my perception of 'overly stiff' for carbon is a very skewed one, but I'm also running 31.8mm carbon and weigh in at the 'probably should be concerned about carbon anything' side of the Clyde range... I do think there is an issue with divergence of how much compliance is beneficial, and where it should be. I have zero inside information on anything Rocky is doing, but it seems silly to me that they wouldn't translate the same engineering design elements into the rest of the lineup - did the same with the blind pivots, and lots of other hand-me-down stuff elsewhere. I'm mostly thrilled that anybody who had any gripe about the previous generation Slayer (the older 650b only one), this bike basically answers them all.  I remember being so thoroughly blown away with how capable that setup was, getting one available in a real XL size with 29" wheels has me seriously considering how overbiked I can stand to be... but I similarly can anticipate that an Instinct revision will drop it squarely into the ideal category for my uses.

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