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Sept. 9, 2020, 8:44 a.m. -  Tehllama42

To me, the return of Ride9 and integration of Chainstay flip chips (a 10mm adjustment) is the actually huge story - I don't think I can fully utilize a 170/160mm 29er enough to justify replacing my Instinct BC, but the combination of those features would make the 2021 release of a 150/140mm Instinct something that drags me into owning yet another Rocky.   Also, parts spec being on point is not lost on me - again, as a value buyer that stuff adds up, and Rocky remains one of the few brands where I don't spend 5 minutes taking a break from the product review to check pricing and see if I'd be money ahead building frame up or trying to piecemeal upgrades to a mid-range spec. I do wonder if a very NSMB-esque min-max build would be something they're open to - Suntour Durolux Fork, X2-PE or TopazT3, GX Eagle, and the RF TurbineR finishing kit would be a statement trim, especially if they go the Alloy-50 model trim route.

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