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Sept. 5, 2020, 6:39 a.m. -  Lu Kz

To be honest, I don't recall since I built it coming in to the 2019 season.  But I own a spoke tensiometer and build within a 5% variance. I am also heavy. And it was a rear rim. And it spend many, many days in various bike parks in BC. And I send my rear wheel in to stuff that I probably shouldn't.  I'm not upset and I didn't even try warrantying the wheel. I felt that for the money, it reached the natural end of it's life. It worked fine for the price and at my weight, speed, and the amount of bike park I run, alloy rims are disposable items. In hindsight though nipple washers are the way to go as this is the only time I've ever had this unique problem. Usually after 1-2 seasons my rear rim on this type of bike is slightly (edit - completely and utterly thrashed) toasted anyway though.   On the day in question, my friend noticed my rear wheel was stupid out of true at the top of Sun Peaks. I looked and saw the nipples pulling through the rim (and quite dramatically, no less!). Was I going to take the lift down? No. So in WTB's defense, they did make a product that held up to one last lap of Honey Drop in it's current state.  I've since rebuilt the wheelset with the more expensive Spank vibrocore rims. They've taken a decent number of slams over the summer and don't show it at all.

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