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Sept. 4, 2020, 10:10 a.m. -  Martin

Thanks for the review! I was curious about the difference between the Tough and Light and this review nicely covers that. I'm running an i29 KOM Tough on the front (they didn't have the Light rim in stock when I needed one) without insert, and an Asym i29 in the rear (because that's what I had last year) with a Cushcore Pro (both 29"). The Asym(etric) rim builds a wheel with more even tension on each side but I still prefer the traditional centered spoke holes and the KOM's shape. I haven't had to touch either wheels' tension this season and both stayed true in the 500km I've done so far. On the Asym, one side is taller than the other and it seems to pick up rocks more often. Maybe it's just coincidence, but this doesn't happen with the KOM it seems so that's another plus for the KOM. I've had an older Laserdisc FR rim from WTB which had a center rib reinforcing similar to those on the KOM Tough and used it for 5 seasons on the front without ever truing it I think. That's why as soon as they had the KOM Tough I went for that. I don't mind the weight penalty if it lasts, and all WTB rims I've had convinced me that they make great rims!

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