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Sept. 3, 2020, 9:08 a.m. -  Endur-Bro

I demo’ed the first 29er Slash 9.9 at Crankworx a few years ago. I took it for a Garbo to village proper shakedown. I was in the 29ers are awesome camp then and that proved my theory.  The fool that I am only rode the M size and not the L size as well. which ended up being good as I ordered a G16 instead of a Slash. I wanted a longer FC and steeper STA. Retail frame pricing was about the same.  I feel slack STA, small reach, short CS are a byproduct of bike bicycle. This bike not only needs to sell in PNW, Euro Alps, Killa Cali and Enduro heads worldwide but also Mid-West USA and Prairie Provinces where almost all should be on a Fuel EX.

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